(Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate Powder Processing Plant)
Sec. C, Nam Cam Industrial Zone, Nghi loc Dist., Nghe an Province
Tel: +84.38. 379 1484 – 379 1485
Fax: +84.38. 379 1486

Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate powder processing plant that belong to Lien hiep - Nghe an Co., Ltd., located on a 40,000m2 area in Nam Cam Industrial Zone, Nghi loc district, Nghe an province. The position of plant have the advantages in transportation of material and consuming products (it is far from Vinh city 18Km on the North, far from Cua Lo seaport 6Km, far from Quan Hanh cargo train station 13Km and far from Vinh airport 12Km).

Our ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate powder processing plant is equipped 2 large capacity, modern, newest generation grinding systems  of Hosokawa Alpine - Federal Republic of Gemany. The full automatic and closed grinding systems are operated from the control room. The periods of ball mill grinding - classifying - filtering dust are programmed in advance by German experts. The adjustment of different particle sizes of products -  according to customer’s demand - are made easily in control room.

The main products of Lien hiep - Nghe an Co., Ltd. are ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate powder that are processed from the pure white-stone materials with CaCO3 content over 98%. The raw materials are directly exploited from our white-stone mine in Quy hop district, Nghe an province, classified carefully by hand-made to select the most purified materials processing. Our products include average partical sizes from 1.4µm to 20µm  that can meet the different customers’ requirements in several industrial producing field such as paint, paper, rubber, plastic, cosmetics, ceramics, building material... ,

Our Calcium Carbonate powder products are always checked strictly in great frequency during producing process by latest laboratory equiments such as: Whiteness Analyser MINOLTA CR-200; Infrared Moisture Determination made in Japan, Malvern Mastersizer Micro made in UK, Alpine Air Jet Sieve made in Germany....Besides, applying the Quality Management System in conformity with ISO 9001-2000, which enables to manufacture products with high quality and stability, completely replacing for imported products, highly appreciated by different customers. Lien hiep - Nghe an Co., Ltd. is one member company limited that is owned by Lien hiep Co., Ltd. - Ho Chi Minh City. The company is established in November 01, 2003 and take full responsibility for management and operation of Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate powder processing plant in Nam Cam Industrial Zone - Nghe an province.